Benefits That Await You Once You Overcome Public Speaking Fear


Public speaking seems to be a giant that awaits all those who are first timers on the podium. It’s also true that even those fluent public speakers have to face this giant. Listening to a person who stands before a crowd that hungers for every word from his or her mouth wins the heart of many who aspire to be great speakers.

So, what makes one afraid of standing before a crowd? Fear is said to be the greatest de-motivator for people and varies from one person to another from fear of making a mistake, begin judged, not measuring up, people not warming up to your jokes to fear of stammering. What all people should know is that talking to a crowd is just like talking to two people. So, if you can comfortably walk your talk don’t worry of the third person.

Immense benefits await all who are ready to overcome their fear such as personnel improvement n character, personality and overall success. It only takes courage and you don’t need to be good at it.

The following are just some of the gained benefits to enjoy as you demise your fear of public speaking:

Public speaking is an art that is learnt and with practice you become an icon for people to admire with your social life changing for the better.

3G & 4G Cellular Networks


3G and 4G are mysterious terms you have probably heard when purchasing a new phone or tablet well let me break them down for you.

They are terminologies used to refer to the various mobile networks available.The G in both 3G and 4G stand for a generation of mobile technology installed on phones and on cellular technology. The first two generations were 1G that was used on the first telephones and 2G, with each generation you are normally required to upgrade your phone and for the network service providers to upgrade their network .New generations usually come with enhanced better voice quality ,more network capacity meaning more data for every user and also new base technologies.

3G is made up of voice and data digital mobile systems that support high speed data services .3G was introduced into the U.S.A in the year 2003 and was supposed to bring mobile broadband with consistent internet speeds of 144 Kbps .Today there are many variations of 3G connection i.e. 3.5G ,3.75Gproviding faster speeds of at least 200Kbps .3G finds application in wireless voice calls ,mobile internet and fixed wireless internet.

4G networks are supposed to be faster they are a successor to 3G and provide ultra broadband internet connection for example ,on smartphones ,to laptops by connecting modems .4G finds application in video confrencing,cloud computing and gaming services .4G systems are based on a worldwide technology ,the LTE (Long Term Evolution) with faster data speeds and capacity that allow for mobile services v such as high definition streaming.

When To Use 3G and When To Use 4G

4G is still a new technology therefore network service providers are still building on the 4G network so definitely you need to be in an area that has 4G network coverage for you to use a 4G phone or other 4G enabled device .4G works better when you want to transfer large amounts of data like streaming video because in this case you may be frustrated using 3G network due to the high traffic of users that clogs up the network.4G network has less traffic and if you are using a mobile device you can connect it to your network you also don’t have to worry about dropped calls if you are using a 4G phone as the calls will use the 3G network .4G is the future most network service providers are investing in 4G and maybe switching customers to 4G only phones that make it possible for voice calls over the LTE network . 3G well works well if you are in an area that has no 4G network connection.

The Telecom Industry

The Telecom Industry

The telecom industry is a global business that involves the supply of electronics and technologies to allow communication between and among people. The term telecom simply means communicating using technological devices. This industry has been among the best performing industries in the past and in the recent years. The fundamental tools used in this industry are computers, televisions, radios, telephones, mobile phones, and various related networks. These equipment uses satellites, radio signals and cables to enable communication to move in between them.

The telecom industry face adverse set of challenges specifically due to technology trends and customer demands. In this case, the modern telecom industry is far much ahead in terms effectiveness and people's satisfaction. The telephone is a device that allows voice communications between people by simply converting sound waves into electronic signals. These signals run through cables that connect homes and businesses to switchboards that in turn channels the signals to their intended destinations. In the recent years, analog telephones, also referred to as land lines have been widely used.

Advancements in research and technology in the telecom industry led to the development of wireless telephones, also known as mobile phones. These wireless devices use wireless radio signals that link with signal towers to channel voice information through the air. Mobile phone usage has gained so much popularity in that the number of mobile phone subscription is much higher that that of land lines. Wireless telephones allows more types of communications other than voice alone. Users can send and receive text messages, emails, music, photographs, and allow access to the internet.

The radio as a device in the telecom industry uses radio waves to send information in audio form through wireless means to receivers in various destinations. The television uses the similar method as radio but it transmit both visual and auditory information. Radio and television services over the years have transferred to digital transmissions where information is broadcast through the internet, cable technology, satellites or signal towers.

The internet is a dominant force in the telecom industry which has been widely accepted globally. The internet is a network of computers communicating together using a standard code called internet protocol. Communications such as photographs, music and texts can move through the internet as digital information. Most businesses use the internet in most of their activities especially marketing. This trend has been seen to gain momentum as technology advances.